By: Mary Sue To

A gift for my Big Sis. This will be how her future daughter looks like.

About the Artist:

I am a very creative person and prefer to work with digital media. For the love of video game and anime arts, I strive to achieve a job in game design and animation. I am a dreamer and a storyteller at heart, and I will oftentimes put down my imagination on sketchbooks and my beloved computer. 

I met a very special person (Emily White) who noticed my art and revealed to me the treasure products of Fanboy. With the Fanboy papers and Copic markers in my hands, I drew, and drew, and drew. The Copic markers work so well with the Fanboy papers, that I took a step back from digital art and went all out with traditional art. It was thanks to trying out the Fanboy products that I realized beautiful art can also be achieved without the computer.



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Product Used: Trading Cards